Great Lakes Piping Plover Recovery Effort

A partnership to study and conserve this migratory shorebird's endangered population between UMN, USFWS, USGS, NPS, DNR, more & You!

GLPIPL chicks are coming!

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Photo Credit: Roger Eriksson

Photo Credit: Roger Eriksson

This week is it! The first nests of 2015 are expected to hatch later this week. Whose and how many chicks will we have by next weekend? We don’t have any wagers or statistics like those for the royal babies, but we can tell you that chicks are coming. Stay tuned!

While the birds finish their final days of incubation for the eggs, we also hope you prepare for the chicks’ arrival. We all want to get the opportunity to see and enjoy the chicks. Please remember that humans make a huge impact on the beach and the birds, but there are lots of easy things that can be done to help these chicks thrive and succeed. These chicks will grow up and fly off before you know it (approximately 28 days to be exact). Two small things that make the most difference are giving the birds space and keeping dogs leashed. The chicks have a tough road ahead (natural predators, weather, finding enough food, etc…), doing our part is the least we can do.


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