Great Lakes Piping Plover Recovery Effort

A partnership to study and conserve this migratory shorebird's endangered population between UMN, USFWS, USGS, NPS, DNR, more & You!

GLPIPL & End of Season Have Distracted Us From Posting

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pipl-parent-and-chick.jpgWe know we’re behind on posting and appreciate your patience. We hope that in this lull you’ve gotten a chance to get outside and see some GLPIPL or at least other wildlife in your area.

The reason for this lull is that the 2015 breeding season came to a rapid close. Our banding crew is now on to data entering and analysis, most of our monitors are packing up and heading home, and the birds of course have started their incredible journey south to their non-breeding grounds. There are a few hatch year birds that are stragglers still around in some nesting locations, but otherwise the birds are on the move.

Again, we appreciate the continued support and will post more as soon as everything has transitioned and gotten situated for the non-breeding season.


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