Great Lakes Piping Plover Recovery Effort

A partnership to study and conserve this migratory shorebird's endangered population between UMN, USFWS, USGS, NPS, DNR, more & You!

Connect With Us!

Make sure you sign up for email updates from our website as well as follow us on Twitter and Facebook (@GLPIPL). See the right side bar for easy access to do all three of these things!

If you ever see a GLPIPL person (bander, monitor, partner, or related worker) on the beach feel free to say hello. We’d love to talk about GLPIPL with you!

Contact us directly via email:

2 thoughts on “Connect With Us!

  1. Hello. I spotted a banded piping plover on the lakeshore in sheboygan wisconsin and have some pictures of the bands. Is there anything I can do to research this?


    • Hi Barry,

      We only got notified of your comment today, hence the delay.

      Please email us at with as much information as you can provide (location, date, etc.) and a picture. We will be sure to reply with details on the plover that you saw.

      Thank you for reaching out,


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